About the Benjamin Franklin House Foundation

Established as a tax-exempt organization under IRS 501(c)(3) ruling in 2002, BFHF was formed to provide for the benefit and education of the public--in particular students--a living museum concerned with the life and works of Benjamin Franklin, including by supporting the improvement, preservation, and maintenance of sites of historic importance related to Benjamin Franklin.  Toward that end, BFHF will consider making project grants to other nonprofit entities (both domestic and foreign) involved in the life and works of Benjamin Franklin, pursuant to a formal project grant request and approval process established by the board of directors and briefly outlined below.  BFHF’s efforts focus on educating youth on Benjamin Franklin and on historical and architectural conservation, including through school programs or in educational settings.

The Foundation relies solely on gifts, donations and grants from individuals, families, foundations, trusts and corporations to continue the legacy.

About Projects we have supported

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BFHF has helped fund the restoration of what is believed to be the sole remaining residence of Benjamin Franklin in existence in any part of the world.  BFHF has received, approved and funded various grant requests from Benjamin Franklin House, a U.K. registered charity, for the improvement, preservation, maintenance and operation of this residence as a “living museum”.